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The most difficult problem in saving energy resources is to start with yourself!

As the practice of energy consumption shows, savings through reasonable self-restraint and warming of the home can make up very decent amounts:

up to half of the money to pay for public services.

Those who have learned to save electric power, water, heat, gas in their flat, can better understand the need for energy saving in a block of flats and at work.

  1. Make it a rule: going out switch off all lights!
  2. Use local lights when there is no need for general lighting
  3. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving ones where they work for a long time. In bathrooms, storerooms (short-term switching on), you can leave incandescent bulbs.

Our country is northern and it is normal to warm up our dwelling. There are several simple ways of warming up.

Filling slots in window frames and doorways. For this, mounting foams, self-expanding sealing tapes, silicone and acrylic sealants, etc. are used. The result is an increase in the air temperature in the room by 1-2 degrees.

Gas saving is primarily relevant when gas meters are installed in apartments where there are individual heating stations, and in private homes with AOGV. In this case, all measures to save heat and hot water lead to gas savings.

At the same time, when cooking, there are also opportunities to save gas.

Do not leave the tap permanently on when cleaning your teeth. Try to turn it on at the beginning and end of the procedure. Maybe you'll even get an oral rinse, which will allow you to use the saved money for the protection of your teeth.

Savings: 15 liters of water per minute (757 liters per week) with 4 family members.

When washing dishes manually, fill one of the sinks (or another container) with water mixed with detergent. Then rinse, treated with a detergent, dishes in another sink under a small pressure of warm water.

Saving per person: up to 60 liters of water per day.

A family of 3 people consumes approx. 3000 kW / h of electricity per year without taking into account the preparation of hot water. Of these, approximately 335 kW falls on lighting, which is approximately 11% of the total electricity consumption. Unfortunately the rent bill grows every year. How to save money? This question is asked by everyone at least once in a lifetime.

We offer you some tips how to keep the money earned by the sweat of your brow and moreover not to experience any kind of inconvenience. To begin with, let us try to see how often we have to overpay without even realizing it.

Most of the loss of heat occurs: due to uninsulated windows and doors - 63%; through window panes - 15%; through ceilings and walls -15%

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