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Gas saving is primarily relevant when gas meters are installed in apartments where there are individual heating stations, and in private homes with AOGV. In this case, all measures to save heat and hot water lead to gas savings.

At the same time, when cooking, there are also opportunities to save gas.

The flame of the burner must not exceed the bottom of the pan, frying pan, or kettle. In this case, you just warm the air in the apartment. As a result gas saving will make up 50% or more.

The deformed bottom of the cookware leads to over-consumption of gas up to 50%;

The dishes in which food is cooked should be clean and not burnt. Dirty dishes require 4-6 times more gas for cooking.

Use economical dishes, these qualities are usually advertised by the manufacturer. The most energy-efficient dishes are of stainless steel with a polished bottom, especially with a layer of copper or aluminum. Dishes made of aluminum, enameled, with Teflon coating are not very economical.

We recommend installing aluminum foil pads under the burner. In this case, the gas cooker doesn’t get so heated and dirty, and gas is used more economically.

The oven door must be snug against the body of the gas cooker and must not let out hot air.

In general, simply economical use of gas reduces its consumption by 2 times, the use of proposed measures by approximately 3 times.

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