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Dear residents of Minsk!

Since October 1, 2016, there has been in force Decree No. 322 of the President of the Republic of Belarus of August 29, 2016 "On the Provision of Non-cash Housing Subsidies" which provides for the introduction of a system of providing state assistance for partial compensation when paying for basic housing and communal services (hereinafter - HCS) with regard to the total income of the family, the housing area of ​​consumers and certain conditions of consumption of services.

The state compensates for the costs of HCS which exceed 20% of the total income of the family (or individual citizen) in the city and 15% - in rural areas, if the actual consumption of HCS does not exceed the state consumption standards set by the state.

The right to receive a non-cash housing subsidy (hereinafter - NCHS) is given to owners of housing or employers of public housing, members of the organization of developers, as well as members of their families.

NCHS is denied to owners of several residential premises or shares in another apartment (except for large families) renting residential premises under a contract of employment as well as to owners of apartments in which private enterprises are registered.

NCHS is given under the decision of the District administration of ​​Minsk on territorial belonging by two principles:

  • on the basis of an indicative basis - on the basis of the data available in the subsidizing service;
  • on the basis of an application - an applicant applies to the subsidy service (today it is a settlement and reference center at the place of residence).

Applying for NCHS one has to attach to his/her application the following documents: passport or other identity document; documents confirming the income of the owner of housing and the family members for 6 months (certificate of salary, benefits, income from business activities, etc.); work record book; a birth certificate for a child (for those who have children under the age of 18); certificate of conclusion (or dissolution) of marriage; a pension certificate or a certificate of a disabled person (if there are any invalids or pensioners in the owner’s family.

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