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A family of 3 people consumes approx. 3000 kW / h of electricity per year without taking into account the preparation of hot water. Of these, approximately 335 kW falls on lighting, which is approximately 11% of the total electricity consumption. Unfortunately the rent bill grows every year. How to save money? This question is asked by everyone at least once in a lifetime.

We offer you some tips how to keep the money earned by the sweat of your brow and moreover not to experience any kind of inconvenience. To begin with, let us try to see how often we have to overpay without even realizing it.

Anyone who thinks that household appliances in non-working conditions do not consume electricity and thus do not affect the amount of payments for electric light is mistaken. Power consumption goes in such a "sleeping" state or state of waiting, when only the "red eye" on the panel of the home electrical appliance is turned on.

Studies have shown that the power consumption of appliances in the standby state is about 10% of the total electricity consumption! So, on average, the TV works about 4 hours a day. In the rest of the time, "idling", being simply connected with the electricity supply network it consumes about 1.1 kW / h of electricity per day, 33 kW / h. per month. A microwave oven, a video-tape recorder in standby mode "eats" 0.4 kW / h per day, 12 kW / h - per month. And one hour of idle work of an electric heater will rob you of 1.4 kWh per day or 42 kWh per month.

If you still use an iron without a temperature regulator, it's time to think about purchasing a more modern one, the heating time period of which is reduced from 15 to 20 minutes to 6 to 7 minutes, and electricity consumption is reduced by more than 20%.

As for the washing machine, for economy it is necessary to load it completely. Try to wash with a lower temperature. At a washing temperature of + 90 ° C, electricity consumption is 30-40% higher than at a washing temperature of + 60 ° C. Using energy-saving programs for washing, you can save up to 45% of electric power. After all, the main consumption of electricity goes to heating water.

The loss of heat energy in the heating system in residential buildings is almost 20%!

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