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Our country is northern and it is normal to warm up our dwelling. There are several simple ways of warming up.

Filling slots in window frames and doorways. For this, mounting foams, self-expanding sealing tapes, silicone and acrylic sealants, etc. are used. The result is an increase in the air temperature in the room by 1-2 degrees.

Sealing the frame of windows and doors. Various self-adhesive seals and gaskets are used. The windows are sealed not only along the perimeter, but also between the frames. The result is an increase in the indoor temperature by 1-3 degrees.

Installation of new plastic or wooden windows with multi-compartment double-glazed windows. It is better if the glasses are with a heat-reflecting film, and ventilators are provided in the design of the window. Then the temperature in the room will be more stable in both winter and summer, the air will be fresh and there will be no need to periodically open the window, throwing out a large volume of heat. The result is an increase in the temperature in the room by 2-5 degrees and a decrease in street noise.

Installation of the second door at the entrance to the apartment (house). The result is a rise in temperature in the room by 1-2 degrees, a decrease in the level of external noise and gas contamination.

Installation of the heat-reflecting screen (or aluminum foil) on the wall behind the radiator. The result is an increase in the temperature in the room by 1 degree.

Try not to cover the radiators with thick curtains, screens, furniture - heat will be more efficiently distributed in the room.

Close the curtains at night. This helps to keep the heat in the house.

Replace the cast iron radiators with aluminum ones. Heat transfer of these radiators is 40-50% higher. If the radiators are installed taking into account their convenient removal, it is possible to regularly wash them, which also contributes to increased heat transfer.

Glazing of the balcony or loggia is equivalent to installing an additional window. This creates a thermal buffer with an intermediate temperature of 10 degrees higher than in the street in a strong frost.

It is not uncommon, when there is a problem not with lack of heat, but with its excess. In connection with this, starting in 2012 it has been planned to begin installation of apartment heat meters. This will force residents to regulate the temperature not with a window, but with thermostats installed on the radiators.

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