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The most difficult problem in saving energy resources is to start with yourself!

As the practice of energy consumption shows, savings through reasonable self-restraint and warming of the home can make up very decent amounts:

up to half of the money to pay for public services.

Those who have learned to save electric power, water, heat, gas in their flat, can better understand the need for energy saving in a block of flats and at work.

  1. Install water flow meters. This will motivate to reduce the consumption of water.
  2. Install lever switches on the mixers instead of rotary cranes, which will bring to saving water by 10-15% plus to convenience in temperature selection.
  3. Do not turn on the water with a full jet. In 90% of cases, a small jet of water will be quite sufficient. It will bring to saving of water by 4-5 times.
  4. When washing and taking a shower, turn off the water when it is not needed.
  5. For taking a shower you consume 10-20 times less water than for taking a bath.
  6. Significant water savings can be obtained by using two-button drainage tanks.
  7. It is necessary to check carefully the presence of water leakage from the drain tank which arises from old fittings in the tank. To replace the fittings costs practically nothing but the water saving is impressive. Through a thin trickle of leakage, you can lose a few cubic meters of water a month.
  8. Check how the "return" to the hot water flow works. If there is no circulation during the flow, you will have to pump the water through the neighbors' risers until you get it hot in your apartment. Of course, in this case, expensive "hot" water simply flows into the sewer.
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