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Containers for the collection of secondary material resources (hereinafter - SMR) installed on the inner-yard territories of the housing estate of Leninsky District are intended for the collection of waste of only those species that can be reused after the necessary processing - as a raw material for the production of new products from the same material.

Into containers for paper waste, one can throw: newspapers, magazines, leaflets, cardboard packages, paper bags. Paper packages collected for separate collection should not contain food leftovers.

Into containers for plastic waste, one can throw polyethylene bottles  with unscrewed lids, plastic tubes and jars from cosmetics, plastic boxes from cakes and other food products, plastic film, disposable dishes and plastic cans.

Into containers for cullet, one can throw glass bottles, jars, broken glass bottles, glassware (not crystal).

For separate collection, wallpaper, photo paper, thermal paper from faxes and checks, laminated or foil paper, egg packing, napkins, Tetra Pak (juice, milk), adhesive tape (scotch tape), crystal, glass from cars (triplex), glassware, lids from dishes, optical glass, diapers, plastic toys or household items, soft packs from mayonnaise, ketchup, stationery, expanded polystyrene (foam), disposable tableware, plastic packaging for paint, food waste. They should be disposed of in a container for mixed waste.

A container for collecting all types of secondary raw materials, and then it can throw out all types of waste BMP: paper, glass, plastic, clothing, metal cans. Its contents will be sent to a sorting station, where the workers will conduct the final separation of waste by fractions for their subsequent processing.

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